Provide consistent, reliable support to help women make a choice for life. Some clients arrive pregnant and alone or are deeply worried about their sexual health. Abria's on-demand medical and personal support services provide critical help and bring hope. Giving once a month adds up to life-changing opportunities for clients and their children in our community.

Affirm Life
Abria serves young women who are vulnerable to sexual health risks and unexpected pregnancies by providing pregnancy and STD testing free of charge. Your generosity helps women at a crossroads make a choice for life when help is most needed.

Develop Confidence
Choosing to parent is a big decision. Abria’s on-site educators provide knowledge and skills to succeed as a new parent, and prenatal care ensures a healthy mom and baby. Your support helps women gain the confidence they need to parent a new baby and continue building a strong future.

Bring Healing
Abria believes all clients are strong and beautiful inside and out. Your generosity supports licensed counselors and certified life coaches to help address mental health challenges and achieve positive, lasting change for mother and baby.

Create Hope
Today’s youth are hungry for love, healthy relationships and connection.  Abria helps young people address relational poverty, navigate relationships and avoid sexual health risks through positive evidence-based programs in schools and social service agencies.  Your support helps students and young adults make the best choices for their lives and futures.

Will you help?


$50 $100 $250 or more
each month ensures
life-changing possibilities.

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