“Abria really encouraged me to think of all my options. It wasn’t that they were forcing their view of my situation on myself. They were helping me see for myself. That was one of my first experiences of unconditional love.” Rachel, empowered woman and mother, former Abria client

Supporters make a life-changing and life-saving difference for women, teens and couples experiencing unexpected pregnancy.

Abria offers trusted information, builds confidence and provides a message of hope, personalized for each individual we serve. Abria does this by providing comprehensive and medically accurate information and life-affirming personal support services free of charge that empower our clients to make a choice for life. Abria doesn’t tell clients what to do; we help them find the answers for themselves.

We are a community-based non-profit organization, with 95 percent of our funding coming from hundreds of donors throughout the Twin Cities. We rely on these supporters to put a choice for life within reach of local women, teens and couples. Find out more about our mission.

We have chosen to open our doors in the heart of the Twin Cities, in locations easily accessible by car or public transportation and in the two counties that are home to more than half of the Minnesota women and teens who received abortions in 2017. See our history.

Accessibility to those who need us most is only part of our story. Awareness of what we do and how we can help clients make the right decision for themselves is essential. We reach potential clients online, where they are looking for answers, to connect with them at the moment of decision. We continue to walk with clients every step of the way to support their choice for life: throughout pregnancy and during the first two years after the birth of their child. Learn about our unique services.

Another aspect of our approach that really makes us stand out: lasting impact. We provide services that make a difference in our clients' lives long after they walk out our doors the last time. Certified life coaches help our clients empower themselves through healthy decisions and belief in themselves to choose a brighter future. We inspire our clients, giving them the tools they need to build a better life for themselves and their children. See our success stories.

Abria respects the dignity of every person we serve. Our holistic approach, rooted in belief in the inherent value of each unique person, inspires and supports our clients in a choice for life.

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