Bea’s story

Each and every one of Abria’s supporters is a friend to the many courageous women and teens who turn to us for help and hope. *Bea’s story shows how much your generosity means to her.

I was desperate. I scheduled an abortion appointment for Thursday. I felt sick about it. I still needed to talk to someone. I found Abria online and called. I reached Hailey and we talked. I could tell from the warmth of her voice that Hailey really understood how much pain I was in and how conflicted I felt. I began to cry. Hailey asked me if I would like to meet with Marissa, an Abria client advocate who could help me. With relief, I said yes.

I met Marissa the next morning. We talked for more than two hours as I cried and poured out my fears about this pregnancy. I was terrified that I would lose my job and terrified that as an unmarried woman, I would bring great shame to my family. It seemed like everyone I had already spoken to about my pregnancy told me to have an abortion. But at Abria, people were different. Marissa listened carefully and asked me questions that helped me think about what was important to me. As I struggled with my thoughts, a clinic nurse offered me a chance to see my baby. When I saw the ultrasound image of my little child, I knew instantly what I wanted to do, what I needed to do.

At Abria, I felt like I could breathe. At Abria everyone was kind, listened, and asked questions – but never told me what to do. Of all the places I went to get advice, Abria was the only one that gave me hope. With the support of Hailey, Marissa, and everyone at Abria, I decided that I would bring my baby into this world!

At Abria we respect the dignity of every person we serve. We empower each woman and teen by providing her with information about all her options.

But at her most vulnerable moment, messages from abortion providers seem omnipresent.

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*Client’s name is changed in this post to protect her privacy.